Summary of State Catfish Country of Origin Laws

(For information purposes only; See full statutes and state codes for all provisions.)

Alabama H.B. 186 Amends Sec. 22-20A-31 of Alabama Code (effective August 1, 2015)

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1. Requires food service establishments to provide the country of origin of catfish (the scientific family "Ictaluridae," generally known as channel catfish) and fish in the taxonomic Order of Siluriformes (
including basa, tra and swai) if imported from a country other than the United States.
2. The country of origin must be listed on the menu in the same location and same font size as the product being offered or by using a table top display or sign in a conspicuous place.
3. The Alabama Department of Public Health is the regulatory authority. (Donald E. Williamson, MD is State Health Officer in charge of the Department; main phone #: 334-206-5300. )

Arkansas House Bill 1854 enacted as Act 1191 (effective January 1, 2016)

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1. “Catfish” means any species of the scientific family Ictaluridae (generally known as "channel catfish".)
2. "Catfish-like" means any species of the scientific genus Pangasius, or families Claridae, or Siluridae including basa, tra and swai.
3. Imported catfish or catfish-like fish must be labeled "imported" on the menu next to the fish offered for sale in similar size or font.
4. Upon request, a restaurant must identify the source of the catfish or catfish-like fish.
5. The Director of the Arkansas Bureau of Standards is the regulatory authority. (Tom Pugh is Division Director; main phone #: 501-570-1159. )

Louisiana House Bill 439 enacted as Act 506 (effective November 1, 2009)

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1. "Catfish" means those species within the scientific family Ictaluridae (generally known as "channel catfish") and the Louisiana prevalent families Ariidae, or Loricariidae.
2. "Siluriforme" means fish in the taxonomic Order Siluriformes including those within the scientific families Siluridae, Clariidae, and Pangasiidae including basa, tra and swai.
3. All food service establishments and retailers of catfish, catfish products, siluriformes, or siluriforme products must identify the country of origin at the final point of sale.
5. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry is the regulatory authority. (Mike Strain, DVM, is Commissioner; main phone #: 225-992-1234 .)

Mississippi House Bill 771 enacted as Chapter Two of Catfish Marketing Law Labeling Regulations (effective July 1, 2013)

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1. "Catfish" means any species within the family Ictaluridae (generally known as "channel catfish").
2. " Fish" means fish similar to catfish but within the families of Siluridae, Clariidae and Pangasiidae including basa, tra and swai.
3. The country of origin of catfish and fish similar to catfish must be displayed on the menu of food service establishments adjacent to the item on the menu and printed in the same font style and size.
4. The regulatory authority is the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce. (Cindy Hyde-Smith is Commissioner; regulatory services phone #: 800-551-1830 .)

Tennessee Senate House Bill 3136 enacted as Public Chapter No. 1093 (effective July 1, 2010)

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1. Food service establishments that sell imported catfish or imported catfish products must label such catfish or catfish products as "imported" on their menus. The legislation amended TCA Title 53.
2. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is the regulatory authority. (Julius Johnson is Commissioner; main #: 615-837-5103.)